Love Lessons

I’m old enough and wise enough these days to know when I’m falling in love. The kind of love that isn’t just some temporary fiery infatuation… but real love. The kind that is sometimes glorious, sometimes enraging, but always – nevertheless – unconditional and timeless.

I’ve had a revelation recently and it was solidified as truth today. I’m falling in love with ArcPro.

Yes. There.  I said it. I’ve hated on it long enough.

Here’s the deal…

ArcMap is like the person you dated for a really long time and you really loved them (or thought you did), but in the end they just never really were there for you and didn’t love you nearly as much as you loved them.

ArcGIS Online is like the person you went to prom with because you were too nice to say no, but you made sure your dad let him know that curfew was NO JOKE, buddy!

ArcPro is like the person that has been there for you all along and you’ve mostly ignored them. Out of the corner of your eye you’ve always noticed, and as time went on you found yourself thinking about them more and more, until one day, in crisis, they appear for you and help you out and you realize…. they’re THE ONE.

What’s caused this change of heart for me? Well – it’s been developing over time – as true love does. When I first tried it out and realized there’s no right-click calculate field (now a geoprocessing tool) I was like “YOU’RE DEAD TO ME!”

ArcPro sulked away defeated, but never let me out of its sights. (Creepy.)

Recently I was reading this blog post about watercolor maps and I was just floored by how beautiful they were. I wanted to run to my computer and try it immediately! Oh, but it’s ARCPRO, of course!

Ugh. Nope nope nope. Not going to be intrigued. Will not let myself try this. Remember, Sunny, we just loathe ArcPro.

Click on this image and go read the blog because that map is absolutely gorgeous… even if you don’t make maps!

Well, today I was working on a project for work. We’re using Workforce and Survey123 for ArcGIS to develop and streamline maintenance workflows. The first beta test created TWO feature services and we really needed them to be one. So after figuring that out, I needed to migrate the old points from the first beta into the second. AGOL has no copy/paste function for pulling in points from another layer. OF COURSE… because it’s the one you didn’t want to go to prom with. ArcMap wasn’t letting me override the feature service. OF COURSE… because it doesn’t really love you as much as you love it. Google the solution? Oh – yea, ArcPro has that. Simple copy/paste special (just like Excel! Your other love!) Duh. BECAUSE IT’S ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU EVEN IF YOU RESISTED IT AT FIRST.

Fine! But surely it won’t be so easy…

No, actually it was just that easy. OH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE.

I know, I know… We’re just getting to know each other! But this time, ArcPro is THE ONE. I just know it.

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